Is there any free ugly dating websites? I am ugly and I know some sites for ugly people but they cost, any free ones?

Please help me?


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  • That's basically any free dating website. Take your pick.

    • I said for solely ugly people, like ';ugly smucks. com'' etc. I am not talking about the regular websites.

    • Do a google search.

      Or recognize the truth of what I already said. You get what you pay for.

    • Many of the regular free sites have tons of good looking and average looking people. So you don't get what I am saying.

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  • Lol, this made me laugh. I don't know maybe they have a dating site for people with a good sense of humor?

    • Yea, that is called tinder because it is really a joke

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    • I see. That's pretty sad.

    • @Chick180 yeah that is sad, but it is what it is, and @Kimberly45 there are tons of attractive people and average looking people on tinder, so no. I am saying sites solely for ugly people.

  • No guy is ugly, so dont tell yourself that. In fact, your probably hansome 😊

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  • Plenty of fish

    • @Oxxymoron that is not a site for ugly people

    • Doesn't mean there aren't ugly people on there

    • There are but not enough.

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