Would you leave them or continue the relationship?

Lets say u met someone online and fell in love with them. problem is you live in a different country. now its been almost 2 years and u talk to them on the phone every day and you really do love them. they say they are going to visit for a week but they dont make any effort to do it and u have to keep bothering them. they promise they will at some point but they are just really busy with work..
would you stay with them or leave them? im so lost :(


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  • Leave them. No one likes ultimatums but you'll never move on if you keep waiting for him. And you will never make it through if you don't meet either.

    It's 2015 ! Traveling is simple, maybe a little expensive but two years is enough time to have saved up and met.

    • its just so hard because im so used to talkin to him every day :( I keep holding onto that hope that maybe we will meet one day :(

    • But you won't. Trust me he should have done it by now.

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