Whom shall I chose?

I've been seeing a guy and we've met only twice , and we had met at his place and got too comfortable with each other, we had a lot of fun on bed (except for sex), I don't know if i'm falling for this guy or is it just a sexual attraction. ON the other hand, i had a break up with my ex, who wants me back, he's ready to give me anything. He says he wants to trust me, he wants to make things better between us. I've dated my ex for 2years and I've known this new guy just for 2 days? I told the new guy that my ex wants me back and he's ready to do anything for me. He told me he doesn't want me to talk to my ex, but i told him i dont wanna lose either of them. I'm very confused, am i cheating with my ex or am i doing right?
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  • Get your vag pounded by your ex and the new guy. Get your meat tenderized. Make it tender. Put some salt on that shit. Some salt wouldn't be bad for your vag.


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  • regardless of what you ultimately decide.

    It isn't cheating. He is your ex, not your boyfriend.


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  • You should go for the first guy and stop talking to our ex.

  • It's not cheating


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