Could she of just been pushing away on purpose?

Plans to move out. She was crazy about me she was dropping everything for me her parents and sChoo funds. She complained I never showed her anything no compassion no attention and she felt useless around me. Said I just used her for sex. I'm not the best with my emotions coming out like that but looking back I really didn't show her much of anything till the end. But even a month before this she was ready for the move. Saying she would never give up. I remember those last couple of months she would barely message me and would then bitch saying I don't show her attention or make her feel loved. But she would nudge me off like oh im running out of battery I'll message you later. Or I'm at a movie I'll message you later. I don't know if this was passive aggressive or she just flat out lost interest in me. she would occasionally cry leaving my house. last time I saw her she was hysterical saying I don't know what to do you I want you but I don't want to not ever talk to my mom again

Then that next week when she broke up seemed like a completley different person. Then even asked for me back that next day crying then we got in more fights then she just lEft. She said she felt used an I just wanted her for sex and I don't even know anything about her. Said I get mean when I'm mad and she just can't take it anymore. Said theirs too much damage done.

Can I get some answers


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  • ok so we're basically in the same position only you're the guy in it. "she felt used for sex and you didn't know much about her" Have you tried contacting her? Have you expressed that you genuinely care about her? Send her flowers and ask her on a date for coffee or lunch, to get to know each other better. She really cares about you it sounds like. She only broke up with you because she felt like there wasn't another option. However she shouldn't have been dropping school funds and her parents. That would hold resentment towards you, don't let her do that. For her to give up that for someone who isn't fully into the relationship is crazy and I see where she gave up. Hope my perspective helps!

    • ThaNks. I feel like I did show I cared sometimes but she wouldn't show that she did. I don't know if she was just afraid of getting hurt. I would message her and she would nudge me off hey I'm busy right now I'll message you later. Became normal.. I don't know if she was just passive aggressive because wheb she would do this she would still complain I don't show her I care or anything. Said all we do is fuck and talk about you.

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    • I think she knew already that my dad was in the clear. I stated in the letter I saw him go through surgery and didn't know if he was even going to be apart of my life anymore.

    • She told me in her letter back she would of done anything to help me through It.

  • Wait so does her mom not like you


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