Should I forget about him? I honestly don't know what to do?

so, i have known this guy for 8 years. He is the most trustworthy/loyal guy I know. A few years ago he went to the school dance with me, as a friend bc he had a girlfriend. i liked him at the time, but knew it was just a friend thing. Anyways, he thought i was flirting like I was making faces when he wasn't looking to my friends and picked up on that i liked him, but he thought i liked him more than I actually did. He told me how he would never even think about cheating on any girlfriend he would have and that he sticks with one girl even if they are just talking.

so, when i was with him he did put me up on a pedalstool he would let me use his jacket, even when i had one bc i was freezing and we were stuck in the snow. he would just treat me like i meant a lot to him, i mean a lot! no one ever looked at me that way and he was just being really cute. thing is he moved away and he barely talks to me now. he got a job and he works late, bc of his shift. i said i guess we are done talking then? he said no. he told me he likes me almost 2 months ago. i hate waiting, i hate it so much and i am a girl so it's like i want attention. Im not like whoa give me all your attention all the time. I respect his space, but really this much space? he's the sweetest, and most loyal guy ik (he's known for his loyalty). but I don't know if i should just forget him and move on? oh he also wantd me to meet his dad and we already met each others family. what should i do?
i meant to put that he is single now the whole dance thing was 3.5 years ago


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  • Stay with him, get with him, i dont think you'll find anyone else like him!

    • thanks, you are the first one who actually read what i wrote correctly. everyone read over that the dance was a few years ago. he's single now

    • No problem, I like reading situations like this, they're interesting and I'm happy to help :) good luck!

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  • if he's still got a girlfriend, doesn't sound like he'll budge, but he seems like a nice guy, if a friend and nothing more. maybe push him a bit? and whats the harm in meeting his dad? proceed with caution I guess, like don't get prematurely attached, but if you don't have anyone that your vaguely interested your not wasting your own time being interested in him. If there's someone else you like though, why not go for that

    • oh i mean he is single now and says he likes me. but i dont like that feeling tht he doesn't have time for me

    • well yeah, if he doesn't have time for you, don't waste your time on him. That wouldn't be fair on you

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  • Just move on. He is already taken.


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