How did you find the chance to kiss your bf/gf the first time? (before you were in a relationship)?


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  • Have an ice cream. Put lot of ice cream on your lip and show to your boyfriend.
    He will definitely kiss you.


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  • We were hugging goodbye and I had wanted to for a few weeks prior and that time I did not know when the next time I would see him would be or when I would get the chance, so we hugged and when he went to pull away from me, I pulled him back to me and kissed him. It was not a french kiss or anything, but it was enough to let him know that I wanted more than just friendship.

    • nice :)

      and then?

    • And then I went home. We talked about it later that evening. He was shocked somehow even though I had been very obviously flirting with him for over a month. He was very unsure about us, because of our age difference and his health conditions. We walked a very, very fine line between a flirty friendship and a relationship for a while (a few months). We attempted to be just friends, but after a few days, things always turned romantic and/or sexual in nature. Then he would remind me that we were just friends. The tension between us and connection was too much to deny after a while. We were meant to be together. He is my best friend and soul mate.

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