I'm in my first relationship, but he doesn't feel like my boyfriend?

He's a quiet guy, shy and is introverted. He has a good group of friends, and people that know him always tell me that he "is a really nice/good guy". We had this weird thing that lasted almost 6 months before I confronted him about how he felt and then he asked me out a few days later. It's been 2 months, we usually see each other once a week since we're both busy with school and work. Now summer is here, he works full time on a construction job and i'm nights and get call ins while also taking a course... I feel like he is either super clueless about being in a relationship or he just isn't into me and isn't putting in the effort. He's 18, and I'm 19. He told me he's a bad texter, so im always texting him a few times a week to see how he's doing or to see if he wants to do something. He always replies, and agrees to hang out about once a week. He pays for things, we hold hands/kiss/slight PDA, and he's introduced me as his girlfriend to his friends. We're both shy people, so we have our quiet moments and being a couple around his friends is weird for us since it's new and were still awkward with each other.

I want to talk to him about it, but i dont know how without sounding like im gonna break up with him or making it awkward. Can someone be that clueless?


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  • Just begin by saying, "I wanna talk about us taking it to the next level." Don't say anything about what is happening now is wrong or incomplete or anything because that might feel like you are saying he has done something wrong. There is no need to focus on why it's a problem; just focus on how you want it to change. . . and why.

  • May be he is clueless about relationships. It happens. He also might be just letting you take the lead. As for how to talk to him about it, if he dosen't have a heart condition or anything like that, don't wory about how it sounds just find out befor this can have a negative impact on the way you feel about relationship.


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