I'm so lost and I'm just scared of asking again? I feel like waiting for a sign to ask her out, but I feel we both too stubborn to go that root.

So I've bent working at this restaurant for about a year. There is this girl there who I think I like. She annoys me to no end, but I stayed back cuz she was already in a relationship. Plus I was still stuck on my ex (suck's how that happens). Well months pass and we get to know each other. She starts cussing and getting more in my nerves than anyone else. I mean it's crazy, but I don't really find it hard not to like her. So I decided to see how far I could take it, but I didn't know her saying life and I was a coward at this point.

I kinda asked her out on a date to the movies and if course she said she would like that but she in a relationship. So I contemplated if the problem was my looks. After that it took sometimes before that awkward faze washed over. We go to talking and we made fun of each other and I ended up calling her ugly (I was lying but shoot I had no comebacks fr). She looked at me like If I was forreal Ann's said "I must look good enough for you to ask me out" and all I could was return the look and laugh a little.

So I have her instagram and snapchat. I used to have her number but she changed her phone and got a new number. We've recently been snapchatting a lot and we started to really get to know each other. It was different. We are comfortable enough to touch one another (non sexually) and man do we cuss to each other a lot. I think she shares a lot with me than she does her friends she goes to school with that work with us.

I don't know if I should ask her out... I know she's single cuz I've posted on instagram a pic saying I was waiting for the right girl to come along and w/e and she liked it. Which I didn't dig to deep on it. I feel like waiting for a sign to ask her out, but I feel we both too stubborn to go that root... I don't know how to go about asking her


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  • Ask her out confidently. Not to the movies. To the fair, mini golf, or rollar rink. Something that requires socializing.

    • Well I guess I could and I do, but in her snapchat she brings up a guy's name which causes me to stand my ground.

      Also I'm the only one initiating the conversation. If I don't snap her we don't snap at all. I'm simply not going to snap her and waste my time when she's interested in someone else

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