What has your girlfriend done that made you realize she was serious and you needed to fix it or she was leaving? What has worked for you?

My boyfriend is the goofy, carefree guy. Who doesn't sweat the small stuff which is great most the time. Except for when I am truly upset and he just shruggs it off thinking Ill be fine in a couple hours. He doesn't take me seriously. I asked if he was worried if he was going to lose me and he laughed and said no, you love me. Its like he doesn't think I am capable of leaving him so he doesn't have to change. Whenever something bothers me I tell him, I want to talk about it and then him say sorry that its. No fight nothing. But he said that if you love somone you never get upset you just dont say anything. I said thats not how this works at all! I said i love you but that doesn't mean i won't be upset with you sometimes your not perfect and neither am i. How do I get him to take me and our relationship seriously?


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  • people tend to project themselves onto others. The fact that he trully believes that you'll never leavr him because you love him so much means that's how he feels about you. If you ask me, I think you hit the jackpot.

    • never thought of that...

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  • you need to straight out tell him that you're serious. there's things that aren't really working for you and if they don't change, then you don't see the relationship going anywhere. if he can't take you seriously, or doesn't care enough to do something, then he probably isn't worth your time anyway...
    i had an ex that was kinda like that. i had to leave after 3 years!!! dont waste that much time, you'll regret it...

    • yeah exactly i dont want to waste time.

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  • You need to help him you want to talk. Sit him down and just let your emotions flow. Tell him you wana communicate. Make him understand that his behavior is bothering you. And just ask straight up questions like : how serious is this relationship to you? Do you care for me? Etc. If he really loves you he should care if something is making you upset. Good luck

    • i have done that a million times he eventually says sorry and hugs me and tells me how much he loves me

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