Would you be down to hang out again/should I even try?

Shortly after getting my number he asked if I wanted to hang out. I went ahead and met up with him and we walked around for a while and talked/got some food. We went back to his place which I was fine with and fooled around--I left and we had an awkward goodbye. I assumed we'd never speak of it again/cease contact, but he texted me randomly a few days later saying "hi, what's up?" and it took me by surprise so I wasn't very receptive. He hasn't responded to that. However, after talking it over with a friend I think we could be friends with benefits or even just hook up again cause I had a good time. Definitely not looking for anything serious here. I'm wondering if he'll be down for a repeat or hangout casually even though he didn't respond to my other curt message. Would it throw him off if I was suddenly like "we should meet up again" or would he not care?


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