Has she friendzoned me?

So I have been chatting to this girl for a while now and we've really hit it off. At least I thought anyway. We take a lot of classes together and I sit next to her in a couple and she is always talking to me, that's how our friendship started. We got to know eachother more and more and it got to the point where she was being very close to me. She'd tell me everything, would tease me, laugh at everything, pretend to be in a mood with me, and most of all she was very keen to touch me. She'd come up behind me and hug me, or rest her head on mine when I was sitting down. Of course I have obviously taken this a way every guy would take it, and I assumed she was interested. She wasn't like this with any other guys, so I thought she was interested and so started to pursue. I have gotten so close to her I become very paranoid that she actually never liked me like that, and she was just being over friendly. On Sunday night, I started talking to her and we had plans to go on a 'date' at the end of finals. Of course it was a 'friendly' date but I am very much using it as a stepping stone. She kinda cast off another guy, in other words she led him on, but she was never like she is with me with him. She told me that me and this other guy were her best guy friends. And when I jokingly said 'you're leading me on' she got serious and said she was confused and 'about to cry'. When I told her I was joking, she said 'I thought I was going to lose another best friend then'. The past couple of days haven't been any different though, and I'm getting serious mixed feelings from her. Any pointers or help would be appreciated.


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  • Once a female categorizes you as a "friend" it can be very difficult to take it to a romantic or even sexual level. They see you as more of a buddy or brother type figure rather than a lover. That said, it does occur from time to time where guys and girls who were traditionally friends have hit off and saw each other in a different light. But It can take time and persuasiveness to make it happen. As for your situation, I can't say for sure but you mentioned that she's alluded to you and another fellow as being her best "guy friends", then got upset when you joked about her leading you on.. I'm thinking that getting into her pants is going to be a challenge if that's the eventual goal..

    • Back in the day, you were almost always friends for a bit until you started dating. I don't know when or why that changed.

    • True, but even then I think it was always different.. The girl you asked out in highschool in the 1950's still wasn't the kind of friend that you shot hoops with on your driveway..

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