Why do I keep giving in to a guy that keeps playing me?

I know he's not THAT into me no matter how much he SAYS he is. We've had sex in the past, but I pit a stop to that once I started feeling used for sex by him. After that we keep in touch on and off, then we eventually stop talking because we're not seeing eye to eye. Then he comes back around texting me and I feel like I HAVE to respond because I feel bad just ignoring him. Today he texted me and I ignored him, now I'm just so tempted to respond even tho I feel like my better judgement Is to keep ignoring him because he always ends up disappointing me some way. I'm just so confused. We always say were done with each other but then we start talking again. I don't want a relationship with him, just friendship maybe? Help me out please!!


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  • Then girls ask what happened to all the nice guys and how there are not any around. The nice guys left a long time ago after seeing you put up with a douchebag who doesn't respect you.


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  • You have to believe that you deserve better and you are worth more than some guy playing you.
    Tell him one final time to leave you alone and move on and find a decent guy that knows your worth


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  • then try asking 4 just staying friends...:-)


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