Has a younger guy hit on you/asked you out before?

Ladies, has a younger guy hit on you or asked you out before?

This weekend I went out to see the new Avengers movie. I wore my Ms. Marvel tank top and shorts (because it's very hot here). I am fit and take care of myself, so even though I'm in my 30s, people assume I'm younger. I didn't want to go all the way home to change, so I did my shopping and whatnot in that outfit. I had several guys talk to me, some just friendly. One guy really kept talking to me, and said he'd like to grab coffee later or something. We walked to the parking, and his car was first. I noticed his university sticker and asked how it was there (because I might be interested in getting my Master's degree), and he said he likes it, and is graduating this year. He said he's 21, which kind of surprised me, since he looked maybe 24-25.

Guys, would you hit on an older lady?


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  • I've been hit on by younger guys, lol something about it makes the whole thing more awkward, but I'll take compliments where ever they may be, besides I'm told I look younger then my age.
    But yeah I'd talk to someone older then me if it seemed we had things in common, I wouldn't really see much harm in it. It's more where we are in life then our age, as far as I see.

    • I know age is just a number, but this is almost a 10 year age difference and we are in very different aspects of our lives. So I guess I can see how it might be awkward. I agree with you, though, if there's a lot in common and a great connection, I'd go for it. :)

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  • When I was 21 I got hit on by a 17-year-old. I told him I wasn't interested and he got pissy and demanded me to tell him why I wasn't interested. I told him he wasn't my type, which he wasn't, and I didn't feel comfortable dating a minor. He told me he was going to be 18 in two months and I needed to stop being a bitch.
    I was 21, I didn't want to date a guy in high school who was still a minor and was probably just going to constantly ask me to buy alcohol.

    • Yeah, even when I was younger, I don't let guys talk to me that way. Thankfully you never went with him! When I was 22, I dated a 19 year old, he was incredible handsome and while I am not bad looking, I kind of felt like he might use me to buy him beer. But he never drank, he didn't like it.

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  • I flirt with older ladies at work plenty, lol but that's not serious. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

    • Oh, I'm not saying i'ts wrong either haha. I used to get hit on by older guys (and still do), but this is a first for me when there's a much larger age gap and it's reversed.

  • I've always had a thing for women older than me. I'd definitely hit on a woman older than me

    • Ah good to know, thanks!

  • nope never... LOL :-P

    • I usually date around my age, is that what you do as well?

    • i don't care bout age basically... LOL

    • Oooh I gotcha. Sorry misunderstood your first comment.

  • I did..
    And it worked PERFECTLY
    She was 24 and I'm 18

    • Aww, that's sweet, good for you two! :)

    • Oh you don't know
      She was awesome..

What Girls Said 1

  • nope. I attract older men so much, that I used to be jailbate

    • I had that issue when I was younger as well. Usually I date guys my age or older, maybe some that are a few years younger than me... but almost 10 years younger is a first for me.

    • well be flattered :)

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