My boyfriend never really wants to spend time with me just his boys... What should I do to get him interested in me again?

As the title implies I really feel like the spark in my relationship has died. There used to be a time where all my boyfriend wanted to do was spend time with me and I loved that. Almost a year into this I don't still have those unrealistic expectations that me and my boyfriend are gonna spend ALL our time together because we have our own lives to live but lately I've been feeling like whenever me and my boyfriend are hanging out alone he's bored or suggests his boys coming along. Once in a while it's no big deal but it all the time now. He also spends way more time with them playing video games and hanging out then with me. This past week for examples he's hung out with them 5 times and we've seen each other once. He'll go out of his way to see "his boys" even if it's only for a little yet he's never done that for me which honestly hurts. If his friends could give him sex too I'm sure I'd never see him. I'm at a loss I know for certain this guy loves me with all his heart but as much as I hate to admit it I need attention and I need to see him not only text and call. It would be different if he was super busy with school or family etc. but just like he makes the time to hang out with his friends I don't think it's unreasonable that he makes some time for me... even if it means ditching his friends once in a while ( I do it all the time with my friends to be with him). It's funny bc the only reason the people who hang out with him have time to hang out is bc they're single but if they have a chance with a girl they'll ditch him in a second. Anyways enough of my ranting WHAT SHOULD I DO? And before I get the same advice yes I have tried to do the things he's interested in like playing his favorite video games and it might have made things worse bc now he feels satisfied that I am occupied playing a game and so he can spend even more time with his friends. Also I have made him aware of the problem wHich helps for a little but it's not long term? Any tips to get him more interested in me?


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  • He has friends! That doesn't mean your relationship is dying down, it just means he wants to spend time with them too.


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