Why is he acting this way?

A couple of months ago this guy asked me out and I rejected him. He started dating a girl a week later.

While he was in a relationship with her he stood by my side and consoled me when somoene close to me passed away. Around a month later I hung out with him and his friend who is our common friend. He also lied to me and said he isn't seeing anyone and would complain that i never talk to him.

After he broke up with her I hung out with him and our friend again and he invited me to his brother's wedding and I agreed to go. After that day he cacelled twice when our friend told him I am joining them. Our friend would invite me. He also hasn't spoken to me in two months. But, I heard from our friend that his car broke down and he has some money problems.
He also offered to teach me how to drive.


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  • it's clear that he's ignorin u basially... wot his car has 2 do with contacting u? o_O

    • I don't understand why. He was perusing me. And I never contact him. Why would he invite me to his brother's wedding and then ignore me? I never asked him out or contacted him.
      In my country guys drop girls off and pick them up. Especially if the girl doesn't have a car.

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    • I am from Lebanon.
      Well many countries are still old fashioned

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  • So did you or did you not go to the wedding with him?

    • The wedding is in July

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