What do you think I can do, please read the details?

there is a girl I like.

We met on tinder and we have 4 dates and we kissed in three of then.
She had a bad history with boyfriends and the last one was a jerk to her.
The other day she met with the last one, the jerk one and she stopped to answer my texts and started to be weird.
She said she need time to work things out, and I gave her 4 days. In the fourth day I ask her what was the matter and she said she still feel something for her ex, the jerk one and she doesn’t love me and that she doesn’t want to try anything with me…
I mean, I think its impossible to her not to love me, as there were times in our dates that we really were closed to one another…
I’ve never been in a situation like that and I want you guys please to help me out with this issue.

Do you think I should leave her alone?
Do you think I should talk to her?
Thanks :)


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  • She has issues. You can't force her.

    Tell her that you are sorry she is having a bad time, and that if she wants to talk about it then you are willing to listen.


    She still has feelings for her ex, man. Let her go. That's something she has to work through on her own.

    If it was me, I'd pick the second option - it's only been four dates.


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