Would there be a second date after this?

Say that you took your date out to eat. You guys ate something that they're not used too... Like sushi. Your date eats it to "try something new" and basically make you happy. The rest of the night, your date says they aren't feeling well. So you take him/her home, and as You go in for one goodnight kiss, he/she THROWS UP ON YOU!!!

Would there be a second date after this?

Would you forgive the incident and continue dating them?

  • It was just a reaction to the food. I'll forgive them and continue to date them.
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  • Our relationship went down the drain when they threw up on me.
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  • Its not that gross. Instead, I'll still kiss them right after we get them cleaned up.
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  • Seeing them throw up would make me throw up too.
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Say it was your first date together...


Most Helpful Guy

  • No I wouldn't because I know that at the end of the day I am entirely at fault. She only tried something different because I wanted her to, the fact that she went out of her comfort zone for me is enough. Sure I'm going to have throw up all over me, but it's something that we can laugh about later in the relationship.


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  • It is nasty but if I actually truly liked the person I could get over the fact that it was an accident. But just incase if I was the person who did throw up I would do something really special/nice for the other person

    • Yea that would be nice

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