Is it normal for your girlfriend to randomly engage you in a wrestling match?

So you can make fun of me if you want but this is my first girlfriend and i been with her for a month now and we both love each other. I box in my spare time and love watching boxing and me and my girlfriend watched the "fight of the century (shitty fight btw)" 3 days ago. So like she knows i do boxing but never before she started to playfully wrestle with me. Like after the fight i want to sleep then she began wrestling with me. She has done this everytime we're on the bed. Is this normal for you girls to do? I don't mind it, i always end up on top lol. This one time she puts her hair back and wears my boxing gloves and says "it's time to fight loser".

But i was just asking this cause i never had a girlfriend before and i was just wondering.


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  • I love to wrestle my boyfriends... My ex seemed into it and then when I left him he threatened to charge me with harassment because of it lol... just don't be one of those guys.

    • what the hell, that's crazy lol. I hope girlfriend doesn't do that, especially cause i do boxing lol. But ok thanks for the comment.

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  • oooooo

    that'd b gr8 basically... love gals who can wrestle!!! 8)


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