Did he lose interest this quickly or is he just shy?

Hi, been dating someone I met online for about three weeks. We've met up 5 times. We are both in our early 30's and both seem (at least I think) to be looking for long-term versus casual hook-ups. He's somewhat hard to read, a little reserved, and I could tell he was pretty nervous on our first date. We've only texted every few days, but in the last week or so, he seems to have texted less often recently and has been waiting to set up another date. He came over on this weekend to hang out- first time he's been over. over the past five dates, sometimes he's been more flirty and comfortable and sometimes less flirty and conversational but not flirty, more matter of fact. I can't tell if he's shy or not fully interested. When he came over last weekend (5th time meeting up), we talked and had good conversation but he wasn't overly flirty, didn't even make any moves physically until he was saying goodbye (only heavy kissing, no sex yet). Just when things were getting heated he said he should probably go, that he wanted to meet up sometime next week and that he would text me on Monday or Tuesday. I waited a few days, sent him a quick text on Monday to have fun with the plans he had that night. He did text back immediately and say he had a great time this weekend and would be in touch Tuesday/Wednesday. Sometime in the past few days/week, he added a new pic to his online dating profile. I know I shouldn't have looked but now I'm wondering if he's losing interest. Best approach- play the game and make sure to only respond to him initiating communication and 'be busy' one or two of the times he asks so I don't look too invested? Or do whatever feels best even if thats being more forward? Am I reading too much into it and wanting too much too soon? I've tried to mainly match how often he reaches out but he seems to be 'trying less' lately. Advice?


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  • It's possible that he lost interest, so to confirm this, I would let him initiate the next conversation. He said he would contact you on Tuesday/ Wednesday, so if he doesn't, then don't waste your time. No need to play childish games anymore.


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