She was single, then dating, now single again... what should I do?

So recently I met this fantastic irl named Sophie. (That is not her real name). Sopie is a great person, she loves to laugh, we get along really well, and for a while she even flirted with me. Then she got into a relationship with another guy. I didn't care that much but it made us just friends. Then about a month and a half ago she broke up with her boyfriend. I have since seen her multiple times and we are getting along pretty well. We have great conversations, we laugh, have fun etc. We are both clearly comfotable in each other's presense and it makes me wonder. What should I do? I feel like we would be a really great couple. We aren't close enough as friends that I feel I would be risking anything as a friendship. At the same time while I feel like it could easily develope again, that flirtatious spark isn't there between us anymore. I don't know why exactly, but it is gone. So what should I do. Ask her out? Keep things as friends? Test the water and flirt a bit? Behind door #4 aka (other). Any help would be much appreciated.
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  • Keep things as friends
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  • Test the water and flirt a bit
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  • Door #4 (other) please leave a comment
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  • Flirt with her, or ask her out.


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  • It sounds like you really want to be more than friends. The only 100% sure fire way out of the friendzone is to tell her how you feel about her. And be firm about it. She may say she has feelings for you but doesn't want to risk the friendship, say you have feelings for her and you can't stand the thought of her being with other men, and you want to take her out on a real date. From what you said I doubt she will reject.

    • Thanks :) I will when I have the opportunity

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