First date with crush, please advice/help?

I had a crush on this guy for about a year, i talked to him on fb like 2 times and he'd sometimes just stop writing me. When he was going thro something i wrote to see of he was okY just trying to be a friend. I had gotten to the point where i just gave up but then after like 2 months he write me randomly asking how i was and if me and my ex got back together, long story short we have been writing each other and he asked me out on a date like a real dAte. Only thing that sucks is he is moving out of stan i probably will never see him again so i dont want to mess things up. How do i have make it memeorial and fun?
He said he's done with this state for good unless something happen and i wana be that something. He also said that our date was a special occasion. Im sooo overwhelmed with this and excited. Im hoping everything goes great.
Any advice would be great 😊


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  • just be cute and sweet and drop dead gorgeous


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