Advise needed for my online dating profile?

I have given some online dating sites a try. I have sent so many messages but without any success. I never get any reply back. My messages are never really short. They always contain name and age, hobbies, interests and of course what interest in her judging from her pictures and what she wrote on her profile. I was wondering if should change my strategy.

Should I send short messages like. “Hi. I am Brian. I saw your profile and I was wondering if you would like to chat with me”. I would also have the chance to send more messages that way.

I would also like to know if I should include pictures where I am with other people? I am alone in the ones I have online now. However my friends are much better looking than I am.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think its fine to put up picture of just you, you don't want to flood your profile with pictures of you and your ex-girlfriend or you drinking with a group of mates.
    I would suggest that you don't make your initial message too long, you don't want to bombard her with info that she can already find in your profile. Maybe just reiterate your name and job and some main interests and thank her for reply/her interest, ask her how she is, or a question that relates to her profile. You want to come across as a positive person who is interested in listening to what she has to say.


What Guys Said 1

  • Asking them if they want to chat with you isn't going to spark their interest. They get dozens of these messages. You have to say something to stand out. Be honest, don't "try too hard" and have a sense of humour. Pick an interest from their profile and make a comment about it. If you can make her laugh that's half the job done. Just don't find someone who is into horse riding and say "I like horses too but I couldn't eat a whole one" lol


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