Would you not show interest in a girl you really like?

Guys in what situations, where you really like a girl, would you not directly show it? This guys i haven been talking to for a while send so many frikin mix signals, and i have had people thinking he really does like me (but isn't obviously showing it), and other people thinking he just sees me as a bootycall.

How do i know the difference? Even thought i feel like he only sees me as a bootycall, he doesn't really fit all the "criterias", i mean i have met his friends and his brother (i have heard that if a guys sees you as a bootycall i won't let you met his family or friends). He has done other things that confused me too... Its like he shows htat he cares, but sometimes its seems like he doesn't in a way...


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  • When the guy is frickin already married :(

    • when the guys is married or when the girls is married?

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    • but i asked in what situation would a guy (you in this situation) not showing interest in a girl, even when he does like her..

    • We like 10s of girls who we meet every now and then, and who we "dream" we could express interest. But we cannot. Because it does not make sense.

      My scenario is just one situation. Others may come up with answers more to what you were expecting.

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