So my first date wasn't the greatest. What next?

The movie sucked, I was so lame, and it was awkward after, we just hugged, and we don't have our licenses. She obviously still liked me after because she texted me right after, and she claimed she had a fun time, but I don't see how.

She thought she was lame, and I she had told me she liked me before, but I really don't see what she saw in me. We texted for like an hour after. What should I do next, she probably still likes me but I'm discouraged because my social skills aren't very good and I couldn't find anything to talk about.

We both know we liked each other, I'm just to shy to make any advances cause I don't know what to say, and I gets stupid. But she still seems to like me, and claims I wasn't lame.

What do you think?

What should I do next?

Thanks :)


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  • aww that was a cute story! lol but seriously she does like you and obviously your lack of really good social skills doesn't matter to her, when a girl texts you so soon after a date especially a bad one it means that in spite of that she wants to continue things with her, just talka bout general stuff(school,work,music, etc.)


What Guys Said 1

  • Step 1: Stop saying stuff like "I was so lame" and "she claimed she had a fun time, but I don't see how." and "I[...]don't see what she saw in me" and "my social skills aren't very good." Ok, the last one might be a factual statement, but you see where I'm going with this. Also, rule of thumb, don't go to movies on a first date.

    Step 2: Be charming and witty. Scratch that; be confident. She likes you, you like her, act accordingly. Unless she tries to get close and you stab her with your keys or something because you are stunned that any woman would touch your vile hide, you're fine. Relax. You're fine.

    Step 3: Be happy with the fact that you have a girl who is blind to whatever imperfections you see. This is how these things work out and it is pretty great when it happens.

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