Dating single moms?

So my ex is dating a 20 years old that just had a baby in October and they started dating in January two weeks after we broke up. This is the first relationship she has been in since she got pregnant and had the baby. They have been on and off probably about six times have they broken up and gotten back together. My ex is 22 and honestly I don't think he is mature enough to take care of someone else's kid. In your opinion, how often do you think relationships like these work out? Do you think it's just temporary? Single moms please give input.


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  • in my opinion, they hardly work out. single mothers have such a difficult time managing their dating life due to a child to take care of, let alone finding a guy willing to commit to her and child because obviously that's going to be a requirement on the mother's terms and most guys don't want that, they rather have their own kid. sooo its not so likely to work out.

    • But what if she is one of those typical young mothers that just drops her kid off with family members anytime she wants?

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    • He says "maybe things will be better in the future with us" so I guess only time will tell

    • He's a blithering dumbass to get involved with a single mother. Especially at his age.

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