Whatsapp stalking? Am I crazy?


I broke up with a guy that didn't want a relationship late December. It didn't end on good terms and we stopped speaking. This is the same time that I downloaded WhatsApp to talk to a friend. I didn't know he was on there when I downloaded it but there he was in my contact list. I never spoke with him on it. The day I downloaded the app he hadn’t been on there for a few days and his status update was 2 weeks old. The next day after I downloaded the app he changed his status to something that was like an answer to my status (I was being petty at that moment). Every other hour he was on the app. The next week he changed his picture.3

This went on for 5 months!

The end of April he contacted me and said he wanted to try and be friends (yet we've been making out and he kissed me good night but that's for a different post).

Now he's barely on there and his "last seen" is a whole week ago.

Do you think he was low-key stalking me all this time?

Yes I'm fully aware of how childish this is...

Ladies and gentlemen, below is the chance you take when you come into someone's post talking crazy. You run the chance of getting told off by a bitch who don't give a fuck about anybody.

Have a nice day. :)


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  • LOL are you joking? were you not the one that stalked him hor 5 months? did you not regularly saw when he changed his pic, did you not regularly check out when he was last online? who the fuck is the stalker here? and after doing that for 5 months you ask if HE was stalking you? lmao i really feel sorry for you

    • Let me break this down for you, you fucking mouth breather.

      His fucking picture is right next to his name, all I have to do is open the app and see that he changed his picture. When he changed his picture is when I saw that he was just on line. I talk to my friend all the time so I can see right off when he's online.

      Know what the fuck you are talking about before you open your mouth, you worthless piece of shit.

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    • still not laughing as much as i did with this stupid question

    • "oh so you're not the stupid cold bitch i thought"

      I'm not stupid (not as stupid as you) but I am a ice cold bitch, all day every day. :)

      "still not laughing as much as i did with this stupid question"

      The only thing funnier is that high-school diploma you may or may not have. You should wipe your ass with it because it's worthless.

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  • A little creepy maybe


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