I owned this girl in a converstaion ?

long story short we had a very long (about 4 hours ) convestarion in which we argued and told each other our true feelings, we used to date but we broke up a year and a half ago, she kept telling me lies about herself and her guy friends, family and shit she thought i was dumb , but i outsmarted the hell out of her every question she asked i had an answer for , for every fact she told me i had two facts to offer , for every lie she thought i made i had a good explination and pointed out all the holes in her plot i even went as far as presenting facts and telling her things she never knew happened behind her back , things that completly shocked her about the shit people do she never knew about , she was so astonished that her jaw dropped to the floor , at first she was throwing charges and insulting me at the end she asked for advice to fix the situation she's quite smart but it just proves that when you believe others and not those who truly care about you and belive that you know someone but you dont life doesn't turn out so good , girls are sophisticated i got that shit but i am determind to let them know iam not dumb and can see through their lies , girls why you do that? you have a problem just say it to our face no need for ignoring and cutting off and trying to act nice and like an ass behind out backs , just be honest and say whats wrong its easier for all of us this way and iam sure every guys wants the chance to prove you wrong.


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  • You look very angry man, because you had a bad experience does not mean all your life have to be like this. Try to learn from what happened and move on.


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  • cool story bra

  • could you tell me more?


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