Girl I was dating went from hot to cold in over a few weeks. Need some peoples options on it?

So I was dating this girl, I kind of knew because she was from my town and who a half a year ago got out of a very long relationship. We hit it off very well, we had a lot in common which was great. Even her sister commented on how much we did, because we hang out with her and her friends. Everything was great for a month, We held hands, kissed, a lot both in private and public, she was the first to do all of these since she wanted to take it slow. She told me a lot that she really liked me and once said she was falling for me. We got close enough to were we had sex, it kind of just happened after a great night out. She did tell me she wanted to take things slow because she just wasn't ready for a relationship yet. Which I told her I would respect that and go at her pace. I kind of thought it was a little to early for relationship talk anyways. Well the last time I saw her we we out on a great date were we held hands though out and made out afterwards. She even said she likes me a lot and enjoys spending time with me. We usually text everyday, throughout the whole day, with her texting me good morning everyday. A few days after that date, she text we that she still wants to take things slow, which was ok. Then she slowly started talking to me less over a week, but still texting first every morning. She canceled plans to hangout because she was sick (which was true), but said we do something later on in the week on a day she was free. Which didn't happen. Then the next week she quit the good morning text, but would respond to mine and talk all day. Till finally she quit talking altogether, which stupidly I thought I offended her so I sent a long text asking whats up and saying sorry for a bit. Which she replyed she needs to work on herself and figure herself out and she just not interested right now. So I figured it was over and sent a message saying I understand and I would leave her alone. Which I did. Then she messaged me 11 day later, asking how I was.
Which we talked texted for a a few hour till I messaged her till I kind of ended it with a close ended message were she would have to ask something. We then talk 3 days later went I heard something happen to her. which I said I hope your ok and doing well. Which she respond back the next day which we texted again for a hour. Also Her sister told me that she being stupid (she think we are great together) and she hanging out with the wrong people lately. So I don't know what to think.
I am still going to leave her alone, and do my thing. If she wants me back she can do all the pursuing when she is ready. Which I hope happens, but not counting on it. I just think the whole thing is weird, I had girl stop talking to me before but nothing like this with the feelings we had and her still staying somewhat in touch (maybe it was because she felt bad about thing or maybe she still has feelings and sees as together in the future). I just want some peoples take on the situation.


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  • You made the right choice. Do you. If she's confused let her work it out. If she messages you then it's up to you whether you want to reply and be supportive or not, but definitely give her her space. She will either come back or she won't.

    • Yeah it is what it is. It is her lost not mine. The few times she messages me I wait a bit then respond. Really she hasn't said anything about meeting up or nothing about before. so she could just be messaging to be nice or feels bad about it. My head is just so messed up over it, the way every thing changed so fast. It seems like she loss all interest all of a sudden. She hasn't told anyone about it, because when I go out they ask if we are meeting up and her sister doesn't seem to know why and they are very close. Maybe she met someone new or she is confused with thing or just loss interest in me. Maybe she just wants to hang with friends and drink a lot like she has been doing. It is just to weird to me how she basically stopped talking to me, when you could clearly see how much she was into me and even said it just few weeks before she stopped talking.

    • Like you said, it's her loss. She might very well be into someone else, lost interest, or is more preoccupied with whatever has caused her to go elsewhere.

      Don't fret, there will be another who will not be so... flakey

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  • Yea bro forget her. Plenty of fish in the sea right


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  • She's playing games. Or else she's unsure about how she feels about you.

    • Yeah I was thinking both of them, along with others. I was think she may be scared of hurt again, so she distanced herself in defense or she just found could have found someone better. I know she has been drinking and hanging with friends a lot lately. There is one guy friend she been hanging out along with other friends with a lot because he is deploying in week for over a year. She told me about that when we were still talking. So who knows. Honestly I have been nothing but a gentleman to her and have been straight forward to her the whole time. Which all of her family knew and thought the world of me for it, after seeing us together they told her she stupid if she doesn't get with me.

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