Dating someone... Even though In the back of your mind they might not be "the one?"?

I've been the type of girl to date, only when I REALLY like a person and consider them marriage potential. But after researching... I've discovered that I have really high standards that (I still have yet to find anyone has really met) which probably makes me a commitment phobe.

I have not been in a serious long term relationship ever

So now I'm realizing I need to give people a chance... Though I'm totally terrified of falling in love with the wrong person. I meet guys that I do really really like, but there's always that "one" thing that makes them not the "perfect" one so it usually ends.

Now there's this guy who has re-entered my life, we are VERY emotionally, and physically compatible - but we both havnt reached our professional goals and also want a very different standard of living ( my goal is to be successful and wealthy... I will NEVER compromise that goal for myself, and He on the other hand doesn't really care for that lifestyle) yet I really really like him, and I know he really really likes me.. And we both don't want to give up the sex right now. But in the back of my mind I feel like he's not "the one" but pretty close... I still want to force myself to give this a chance, even though it may eventually end romantically because of our very different professional goals. Should I just let it happen and enjoy the moment with him? ( we're both on the same page of taking it slow and seeing where it goes) is this okay? Even if I know he just might not be the one? I want to give love an honest chance without worrying about the end before it starts


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  • If you want a robot build one, If you want a man be ready to compromise on the little things and work together towards the big ones.

    We (men as a whole) are all flawed in some way but its our flaws that make us who and what we are, perhaps even something in the long run you need us to have... that tiny bit of imperfection that lets you know we are human.

    You may never find that perfect guy that you have in your head, not because he doesn't exist but because we as humans tend to focus on all the things we want rather than all the things we really need.


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