How do you know if he's genuinely busy / sick or simply leading you on by keeping you at back burner?

Had great 4 dates and he already introduced me to his friends which is good gesture. He also has told me he has always been monogamous.

The he things that made me have doubt is we already had sex o third date. His contact has lessen but on fourth date he open up to me more in person about his past addiction / current work / income / future career plan. When he get in touch after MIA for a few days he told me he was very sick and busy with other stuff. He was being very helpful to research for me wth stuff I need help with. That was very practical and caring.

I show affections in text like kiss face and xox. He didn't really respond to my affections. He did end one sentence with x though. I feel like he's avoiding flirting? Last text I got from him he made is sound like he's still sick he said "I managed to get to work again"

bottomline is its been 6 days since I last saw him. He didn't arrange to see me again. He might be recovering from the cold but if he's ok to go to work he surely will be ok to meet up if he's interested?


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  • He was fast forwarding the dating process to gain your trust to win you over. After his goal is achieved he lots interest. It's him not you, he will just repeat this process with someone new or with you when he sensed that you are over him.

    You are better off without someone like this, they can't form a healthy emotional intimacy with others. They have big issue themselves. Take it as a gift that his true character unfolded within 4 dates and not any longer.


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  • Hire a private investagator or spy on him. The easiets way just ask him whats up


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  • Ummm... when your talking to him and then you see he's talking to 3 other girls at the same time

    • I wouldn't know if he's talking to other her girls..

    • On here you do, quite simple... yours boring... oh and take a look outside the box... you'll find it!

    • You should go back to school to learn spelling and grammar before trolling

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