Guys , the word I love you?

I have know him 5 monthes.
been his girl for 3 monthes.
we have already done everything. I know it's not to get in my pants.
i told him , I don't do love.

the other night we was at his house talking. He was like I am addicted to you your my medcince. Never done that before
then he was like go get me a beer I do that for him shocking he never tell me to do anything?
then he says thank you baby , I love you.
i have never heared that before from him and I'm scared to belive any male that says that so
do you guys think he means it


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  • Love can take one look to form and a whole lifetime to express.

    Possibly, Seems like he might be trying it out to see how it fits what he's feeling. My suggestion reciprocate meaningfully if possible and take it slow.


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  • Love is not a state of being. It is a string of actions held together by the common theme of caring for another's well being. Saying I love you is great because it recognizes that love is happening, but it is empty without action.

  • I love any girl who gets me a beer too! Lol jk
    You have only been with eachother a short time.
    Be patient and let things play out before over thinking things.

  • Yes...

    its fked up how females can say those words, but when a male says it, its like the end of the world.

    DAMN Feminists!!!

  • Its puppy love... more appreciation than anything!


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