Things getting weird with girl from pita place , not sure what she wants?

i meet this girl at a pita place i go to at lunch near my work occasionally so i've only seen her now and then. but was very attracted to her as she has a nice body , some cool tattoo's and always wearing these tight pants that show off her butt. but i never really tried to do anything about it and think she maybe got annoyed that i was always checking her out.
but things got weird this week , when i ran into her at grocery store and she was with a guy who i'm assuming is her boyfriend. and it was just sort of awkward and he wondered how i knew her although she was still wearing her work clothing at time. so i didn't really try and talk to her at time.
then today i go there for lunch and she was very talkative and pointing out that i wasn't talkative myself and that i didn't seem happy. i just didn't really understand why she cared as its a pretty busy place so lots of people go through and we don't really even have a connection other than that. i just don't see the point of putting in the effort to get to know her if she is allready seeing someone or why she'd care if i talked to her or not when i'm only there for 10min maybe anyways. or why she'd even want to be friends with me considering i have checked her out more than anything else and not made an effort to get to know her.


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  • Stop going to the pita place then.


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  • wot's pita place dude?


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