Concerned about relationship of almost 2 years?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years (this month) and recently he's been distant and even cold towards me when I try to ask him what's wrong. He is not the type of guy to open up about his feelings... I honestly don't even think he has any feelings or opinions about anything other than soccer. And this never really bothered me until recently when it started to affect our relationship. He acts like he doesn't give a shit whether we hangout together or not, I always have to initiate conversation because I'm scared that if I don't then we won't ever speak. I always have to make the plans to hang out and those are usually shot down by the fact that he has to go to some other state for soccer or his parents just don't let him hang out. And whenever I mention something that is even the slightest bit controversial he doesn't text me back for a long time. And I know he isn't busy because i can see on instagram that he's actively liking pictures when I look at that "following" tab (shows everyone's activity on instagram). I just don't understand why he's ignoring me. I feel absolutely sick to my stomach and I can't stop thinking about why he is acting so callous. We've always talked in baby voices over text and that has continued so he seems to still be in the relationship. But as soon as I mention an issue he freezes up. There's other stuff that has happened (not too much) and my girl friends tell me he is taking advantage of me while my guy friends say I'm overreacting. And I used to agree with those guys but now I'm starting to think he really doesn't give a shit about me and is staying with me since we are so comfortable together and the thought of leaving is scary. I've recently had a phone call with him over this (because I never get to see him in person) and he said he's sorry and he doesn't necessarily want to break up. But i want to be with someone who LOVES me and is there for me. So basically can girls and guys give me advice as to what i should do


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  • sometimes we get a little too comfortable with the relationship that we unintentionally hurt our significant other. that doesn't mean that the love was gone, the spark though.


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  • its just "old love" the spark is gone but you still love each other you really need to work to get some time out together and have fun together or its not gonna last.

  • I honestly am in the same situation except my boyfriend keeps saying he loves me.


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