Too soon to ask her on a real date?

We both got out of serious relationships a couple weeks ago but have talked about dating between the two of us.
She lives an hour away but we talk all day everyday, I would really like to get out of this not dating but hanging out sort of limbo we are in but don't want to be too pushy or forward.

What's your take?


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  • Do it! Ask her out :) I also have a question for you-if you had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and lived an hour away from a girl and were in a friends with benefits thing with her would you still be interested in having a serious relationship with her?

    • Thank you for your response!

      Probably not, if I am already getting all of the benefits of being in a relationship without having to be in one... why would I?

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    • but this is the first time I've casually had sex with any guy and i really like him, the only reason i casually slept with him is cuz i really liked him

    • I think that every person is different, that is just my own personal thing.

      To get a true honest answer I would talk to him about it, just bring it up how you really like him

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  • It sounds like it may be too soon for the both of you. Just take your time with her. She could still be carrying feelings about her ex that could interfere with her giving you her all, and vice versa.

    • Yea I getcha on that. With her though we talked about that a bit and she's like perfectly fine afterwards... her relationship has been so bad for so long I think it was more of a relief than anything for her.

  • I think so. You're supposed to have plenty of time to get over the ex and get over them before working towards a new relationship

  • Yeah, too soon.


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