Adult acne, dating and friendzones?

If you were talking to someone on a weekly or a daily basis.. But never saw them in person other than online pictures.. Would you be turnedoff if when you got to meet up in person, your date didn't look as nice as their picture?
Do you NP longer see them as dateworrhy?
I have a date a friend set me up with, we exchange pictures and phone numbers. I'm just a bit nervous since my pictures are in good light, and my complexion looks better than my true problematic (adult) acne prone skin. Its not like I can fix an acne issue overnight, this skin condition I've had for years.

I don't look drastically different, but I'm afraid that my appearance will most likely change my dates attitude.


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  • People look slightly different unpixelated but it would depend how drastic the difference is though. If it's a huge difference, they'll notice. Luckily many guys don't notice things most girls notice. If he likes talking to you in person, it should be no big deal.

    Acne tip: try avoiding dairy and if your skin clears up. it's a major acne trigger for many people

    • Thank you for the advice and tip, I think I'll test out the no dairy and see if its a major trigger. Thank you! :)

  • If I liked them as a person, I wouldn't care so much about their looks.

    • I would feel the same especially after getting to know someone, its superficial.. Hopefully not a real breaker :)

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