Are guys who fail time and time again to get a date expected to beat up on themselves for failing?

Because its 1,000% his fault right? Its a 1,000% his fault that he can't get a date and he needs to take a 1,000% responsibility and beat himself down for it. Because if guys follow people who are successful in dating advice to a tee, they're 1,000% guaranteed to get a date right?


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  • That is the dumbest shit i've ever heard. It's no-ones fault, it's just dating and probability, and also trying to get a date by doing what someone else says works for them, isn't guaranteed to work for you, you have to use the information you get and tailor it to work with your personality. If you're a shy guy, there's no point in trying to get a date by being loud, obnoxious and confident type.


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  • Chuckle, if they have the same amount of money to spend on the girl as the 'successful' guy, yes, it's a lock, that he'll do just as well.


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  • Why do you have to beat yourself down if you get rejected?

    • Because when a guy struggles to get a date, its always his fault.

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    • If he complains about his struggle to get a date... I've seen guys on here get ridiculed for being frustrated.

    • Don't complain just keep trying or give up. Complaining solves nothing but annoys people.

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