Do you ever get this constant vibe and feeling that you are definitely going to live and die alone?

I have this strong feeling about this, Im definitely going to live and die lonely and alone, Im an intersting individual, funny, attractive etc. But no one seems to be interested in me whatsoever and even so it would be only sexually nor romantically or seriously.
I get depressed whenever I think about this.
How do others girls even make people fall in love with them, I mean what the fuck Am I doing wrong? Im a regular student and my social life is dead and un-active, Its so pathetic and miserable.

Do you often feel like I do! I can't BE THE ONLY ONE.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm not an outgoing person in the simplest of forms and time can really catch you by surprise. I do wonder if I'll ever find someone. I've only ever even hugged a girl once (pitiful, I know)

    • Honestly I can relate because neither do I (hugged a boy), but I hope you do find someone, Im spending my teenage years alone now and its such a fucking burden especially when you know people your age are having the time of their lives. Some people aren't just made to socialize (Although I try my best) and be emotionally content with others. My only option is to accept this fate, and try to find fulfillment within my self or something lol.

    • Thank you for your kind words. If you want something you shouldn't just lie down and let it escape from you. You should get up and grab it with both hands. I'm sure there's someone out there for both of us :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm exact that (take away the attractive bit) but I just wonder how everyone else can manage it and it just doesn't seem to happen for me. I also have no social life either.
    It makes me happy that i'm not the only one who gets depressed aswell.
    I definitely feel that im going to die alone too :)

    • Hey don't say that! I'm sure you're cute and even if you don't think you are Im sure with make up and working on being fit and confident would make you even more attractive.
      And I relate so much to you, everyone seems to getting some, me excluding. Im so desperate.
      Anyways, good luck to you!

    • And good luck to you too! I'm sure you'll find someone who is beyond perfect! It may take time, but they will come about

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What Guys Said 2

  • I felt like that the majority of my teenage life then just a spur of the moment thing I joined a dating website, met a girl on there we talked for a few months then decided we'd go for a date, it boosted my confidence so much I look back now and wonder why i didn't think I was good enough for someone, but ahh well it's an idea if your old enough.

    All the best

    • You're cute tbh, I'd do you. And Im sure way more other girls would too. It was just a mind set I suppose, Im glad you got over that insecure phase already.
      All the best to you too!

  • Not unless I'm the only man on earth. Fortunately I'm surrounded by people so I'm never alone.


What Girls Said 2

  • You're not alone, I feel the EXACT same way all the time 😿

    • Oh what a shame! You are so cute!
      I really hope you do find someone, otherwise its their loss. But Im sure you will.

    • Aw, you're the sweetest, thank you. I don't think it's gonna happen but yeah. Best of luck to you too! ❤

  • I do too!! its scary


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