Why do girls do this on pof?

We agreed to go on a date so I went ahead and gave her my number so we could trade numbers and work out the details so what happens is she messages me the next day on the dating site apologizing for not responding. Why didn't she just text me?
She's just another flaky girl. Just like the rest of them on that site. I can already tell.


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  • I've had the same many a time, or even just drop off the map, I've tried every way of flirting, relaxed, etc etc i gave up a long time ago after a year on there and 170 or so women i messaged I've only met 3, and only kept in touch with 1 after dating for 4 months after a very long story i'll leave it at that but at least i made a literal new best friend from it so i guess its not all bad :)
    But yeah i seriously hope you have more luck then i, what's worse is when they show genuine interest and you speak on the phone or you get to like them and boom nothing, but yeah good luck dude :)

    I'm sorry this probably didn't help as i have no answer tbf, but its not just you my friend.

    • That's better than me. I've probably messaged 1000 girls by now. Only took 3 out on a date.

    • Upon further investigation I've just looked i messaged 213, I've met 4 sorry, 1 left after saying hi and was scared i said it was okay but she never messaged back, 1 we got on great but no offense to her i didn't see the point in having a relationship when she was moving away to London in under a year, the other we got on well had 2 dates and nothing was wrong but she just disappeared, then there's the one whom i'm not great friends with fortunately and unfortunately but hey ho :)

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  • she probably wasn't comfortable with texting yet and since you two were already messaging online before, so she's already used to that.

  • maybe shewas REALLY busy, or her phone had some prob?


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