Am I in the friendzone?

before i start can you guys please read the details on this question, cos it describes our texting habit. click here

its been almost 2 weeks now that we've been talking. The texting pattern is still the same. He text me when we wakes up and call me before he goes to sleep. After i read the answers on the question i posted a week ago i was convinced that he probably wants to get to know me better (not in a friend kind of way). He's been telling me to go out and get a boyfriend since the first time we started talking, which is kind of weird to me. Am i in the friend zone? In my experience, guys don't usually text girls he's not interested in 24/7. I just want to know where i stand, and I don't have the courage to ask him. Please help :(
After he tells me to get a boyfriend he usually laughs or say he's kidding. And when i start treating him like a friend he would change the way he treats me, act all sweet and stuff.

Well he doesn't really tell me to gef a boyfriend more like asking me "so are you going to find a bf?" Everytime i want to hangout with my friend.


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  • Next time he says "find a boyfriend" just say you've found an interest. Gauge his reaction.

    • I just updated the question

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    • well being frantic at this point means he's interested.

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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  • I see no reason why a guy would tell u to go and find a boyfriend of he was interested in u. im gonna say friendzoned for sure

    • Thats exactly what I'm thinking, but he usually laughs after it or say I'm joking. And when i start treating him like a friend he would change how he treats me and become all sweet and shit. Its so confusing :(

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    • It's really confusing. Fucking mixed signals shit. I hate it.

    • Fck it :/

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  • Maybe. Want more? Ask for more.

    • I just updated the question. Added more details

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