Did my ex delete his photo because of me?

My ex is a really stubborn guy and stopped talking to me because I didn't agree with his view. Since our breakup he has given me the silent treatment, but has been posting about me on social networking sites, saying how I was wrong etc. Anyway, I changed my photo on WhatsApp today and 20 mins or so later he deleted his photo from WhatsApp.

I have a strong feeling that he did it because of me. I have moved on and have started going on dates, but was curious to know what people on here thought. Does it sound like he deleted his photo because of me? He's never it before by the way.


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  • Yes he done it because you changed yours. Why was it of the two of you or something?

    • No it wasn't. But I've got a feeling that he did it because of me since he tends to be passive aggressive. He posts about me online but never wants to talk to me about our problem in person

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  • Maybe. Although I really don't see the point of doing that.

    • He's quite passive aggressive and even if there is something wrong he won't tell you directly, hence why he was posting about me online.

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  • What does his photo have to do with u..


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