What would you do? Should I Facebook her brother and ask him to pass on a message to her?

Hi, Met a Girl at work. the conversation ended with me saying I'll add you on Facebook, she said yeah I'll talk to you later (note I was at work, not her)

So I added on FB it's now been over 24 hours and she hasn't accepted it. looking at her Facebook I don't think she uses it anymore.

Her brother has Facebook, should I wait a couple of days and if she hasn't accepted it. Should I Facebook her brother and ask him to pass on a message to her. basically saying "hi it's blah blah blah, here is my number contact me here"

Note it could be a month or longer before I see her at work again,
It's all good, She's just accepted it.


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  • You did what you said you would do. The ball is in her court now. :) Good luck!


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  • no u'll sound kinda desperate if u ask her bro 2 do this... better don't bother if she doesn't accept.. sorry :-)

    • That's what I was kind of thinking too.

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  • No, don't do any of that crap. She knows she isn't active on Facebook--she was politely dismissing you. You're only going to make yourself look like a desperate idiot.


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