Still cursing on childhood crush, any advice?

When I entered Elementary (4 years old) I met this boy and we became friend and you know how kids are and he was my "boyfriend". We even kissed and stuff and this continued until we were like 10.
He was very sweet and a nice boy but he started somehow changing as the teen years kicked in. Anyways I have never stopped liking him. His parents and mine are friends and now and then I see him.

He texted me one day and I yelled and he was very curious about me but I was very nervous. We talk now and then and he calls me by my nickname and uses the blushing emoji which I am not sure what that means. I don't know what to call him. He was in the hospital and I texted him and again the blushing face.

I talked with a friend about this I am not sure if I should say hi one day through texts because I no longer see him in school because I changed schools. She says I should if I don't it is because I don't want it bad enough. But I really do!!

I am also not sure if he is still into me. There was this one time were I saw him for a special event and I was wearing a dress and all and his mom told me he said in the car I looked beautiful. And I saw him another time in a restaurant and he wouldn't stop looking at me. I was really nervous.

Any advice?


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  • i say go after him from what u said sounds like he still likes you


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  • This sounds like childhood puppy love. Everuone changes when they hit teens. If you're not sure, ask because otherwise you're wasting your own time and trust me at 15 I made the same mistake. If he likes you hood. If he doesn't move along


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  • why not just confess your feelings :P?


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