Rejection or not?

there's a cute guy that i met in my acquatics class in the fall. I unintentionally fell for him. We're both taking the acquatics class again now, and i'm trying to get to know him better.

he seems like a quiet guy. In our class, he's only interacted with the guys, plus me. However, over the past couple weeks, he's been talking to me more. He cheers me on, gives me pointers, and talks to me more during the breaks.

I asked him if he wanted to go swimming:
me: hey (name), (My friend) and I are going swimming tomorrow. Do you and (his friend) wanna come?
(both he and I have friends taking the class as well)
him: Can't, sorry. have to meet up with my group for another class.
me: no worries, just thought I'd ask.

I don't know if he rejected me or not. I'm thinking he did because he did not offer another time or day. But he could very well be busy then too.


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  • Well, is either a liar and doesn't have an obligation, and neither is he interested in you. Or, he simply has an obligation. Which would seem more likely knowing him?


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  • He may have thought you were just asking him to hang out as friends since you included his friend and your friend. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with what you did, but your level of interest in him isn't clear by asking him and his friend to go swimming with y'all. He probably did have a prior engagement and if he misunderstood your intentions, he's most likely not going to ask you to do something else. Maybe invite him to do something with just the two of you. Don't put a timeframe when you ask. Use something like, "I was wondering if you would like to go to____________with me". If he says he is really busy or just won't commit, then you know he is rejecting you. If he says "sure", "I would love to" or something else along those lines, then he is interested. That's when you set up the day and time.


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  • I doubt he even thought you were asking him out, so it seems unlikely it was a rejection.


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