Homophobic art teacher?

So, my datemate and I have art together, and she's got an ex boyfriend in the class.

When they were dating, they hugged and held hands in class with no comments from the teacher...

but now that me and her are dating, we have to be very discreet about showing affection in her class, because she will nag us just about til we stand 10 feet away from each other... the fuck tho

she said she would separate our seats if we keep holding hands, and she calls us out infront of everyone so it makes even looking at eachother awkward, because the whole class is watching us.
by the way she's a nice art teacher otherwise... she's helpful and whatnot, but she clearly doesn't like our affection.


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  • First off, whoah an art teacher being like that? They're usually the open minded ones, but I digress.
    Here's the thing though, schools not the place for PDAs and the teachers really aren't supposed to let any slide.
    But she apparently did let it slide, which really shows she's discriminating now
    Yet as much as it sucks there's nothing you can do because what you're doing is against school policies. You can try to point out when other people do it but it likely won't better your situation and just give others harder rules.
    That said you should be ashamed of embarrassed by your feelings and I hope you have a more pleasant time outside that class.

    • You can't simply ASSUME something like that.

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    • Wow Laura, I got no idea what you're talking about. No idea how you're calling me names. I'm in no way forcing the rules down anyone's theoat, I'm just stating they can be used against you in an argument...

    • I'm not making myself off to be a victim rational, and for the record I'm enjoying your opposing view; however by stating that common sense goes against what I'm saying, by extension you're saying that must then not have any.
      I understand what you're saying, I do, but I just don't think that assuming the best of people (again another assumption) can pan out well for someone who is being publically shamed. The fact that she's not ashamed of who she is, is great, and having shame forced on you is terribly damaging.
      But you're right, we see the situation in different ways, and neither of us will convince the either, I feel we are both too strong headed for that

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  • Report her. Even if she is homophobic, she needs to keep it out of her work. Holding hands and hugging shouldn't be considered PDA, because it's not inappropriate.

    • Exactly!
      It doesn't matter what your beliefs are anywhere other than work, in a professional environment, you should deal with things professionally.

      (i. e. Not scold someone and praise the other for doing the same thing)

    • Read the schoolhand book. Public Display of Affection (holding hands/hugging) can be considered inappropriate.

    • @rationallioness
      In mine it states nothing in regards to PDA
      The only thing it speaks on is sex on campus and sexual assault/abuse.

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  • Well to be fair PDA is uncomfortable in general, there's nothing wrong with your affection to each other I think it's best to just keep it to certain places.

    • Fair statement, but if she will let heterosexual affection slide, then why not us?

    • Perhaps she is just a genuine homo-phobe. Unfortunately you may encounter that in society anywhere. You may have to do a little PDA just to be defiant...

  • That is not appropriate in school!

    • what? us showing affection

      Because she clearly had no problem with it when it was with a boy.

      we aren't sucking face or anything like that, its just hug and hand holding.

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    • hi :) I am great thanks ! and you? just finishing up my homework for class. finals next week yay then the summer. I am freeeeeee :)

    • Yes, I just finished with my last class yesterday. It's warm here, but we still have snowbanks that haven't melted.

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  • Doesn't sound homophobic to me necessarily. That's just ONE instance. You can't assume based off of that that she's automatically homophobic. That's like someone saying they didn't want to go around an [insert race] person and someone calling them out on it. You need more than one example from different people.

    She may just not like YOU.

    There may have been kids in the class who complained about the two of you (like the ex boyfriend perhaps?)

    She may actually be that way.

    Who knows? I wouldn't assume that she is though.

    • its not like this is a one time thing tho... she's been nagging all week.
      Its homophobic for sure... she's telling us to stop because she's not comfortable with same gendered couples interacting.

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    • ... Damn. I forgot. You're right.

    • Since when does my age have anything to do with what I can and cannot understand or deal with

      If you think I should understand your opinion better, let me have it. Pay no regard to my age, as I pay none to yours.

  • She is definitely picking on you... she is a bad teaching for calling you our infront of everyone making everyone stare at you and judge you... definitely sounds like she's against gay people.

  • what a bitch

    remind her that she's an art teacher pftthhtphphpppp

  • tell her to eat shit what the fuck.

  • Tell the principle or the school board.

  • Call her out on it.

  • maybe the whole class is watching you because they feel awkward already? Sorry but I feel awkward when I am around homosexuals. It is proven to be a sickness and I am just not accustomed to it and never will be.

    • The CDC recognizes homosexuality as a natural occurrence.

      Im not saying you have to be 100% comfortable with it, just don/t be a dick about it.
      and especially do not treat homosexuals unequally to heterosexuals.

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    • BITCH! It is not a sickness! It you didn't choose to be heterosexual, did you? I would like to see this so-caked scientific proof that homosexuality is a sickness.

    • @lazygirl
      I guess your name states it all. I know you haven't lived that long, but when you make it to your senior year in high school I am sure you will learn all about it. maybe try google? P. S- please don't cuss at me it is not nice. XOXO

  • You can't help it if you're homophobic. She just needs to deal with it.


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