I fell hard for this girl since I met her, and we just "hung out" yesterday. What should I do next?

I went on a blind date with a girl at prom a month ago and it was fun. A couple weeks ago I invited her to go hiking, and she couldn't because she was busy. On Friday , she asked me if I would like to go to a dance concert with her. I went with her last night, and it was pretty fun! I am quiet and kind of introvert, never had a girlfriend, but I had no problem keeping a good conversation the whole time. I don't think this was a date, even though I picked her up and it was just me and her. When I dropped her off, she said thanks for driving me and I said thanks for inviting me, then see you at school (which I rarely do see her at school). No hugs or anything, which is ok since it wasn't really a date. Now here is the thing, I really like this girl. I am a senior and she is a junior, she is new here and goes to her homestate in 4 weeks for the whole summer. I will being going to college next year, but I won't be over 40 minutes away. I'm not sure how this whole dating thing works, and I have never met anyone like this girl. I am trying to figure out my next move. She didn't seem like she really "liked me" through her body language, she just acted normal. But honestly I never really showed I that I "really like her" (I have a flat and chill personality when I first meet someone). Do you guys have any advice? Here is what I was thinking about saying. Option 1: Text her "Hey (name), thanks again for inviting me to the dance concert, I had fun. I would love to do something together again!" Option 2: Text her "(Name), I enjoyed our time together last night, and I would love to do something again soon!" Option 3 (the extreme one): Text her "Can I just say your beautiful"/"And I enjoy being around you"/"And I would like to buy you dinner"/"You won't hurt my feelings if you say no"/"Ok maybe a little, lol" Option 4: Text her: "What would you say if told you your beautiful and I really enjoy being around you, and then I asked you if I could buy you dinner?"


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