Why have I never been approached and asked out by a man?

Hello I am 20 and tall lol I'm 5'10. I have curvacious body type. I have a respectuful and kind attitude towards people which results in me making friends easily, (boys and girls). However, for some reason I have not been getting asked out for over a year now, yet my friends do constantly and they look just as good as I do. My guy friends do not want to give me the cold hard truth which is why I'm asking u guys. I need someone to be straight up wit me and please don't hold back. Thank you!


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlfKNqoL8JY I really suggest you watch this video, and its powerful stuff. You will be surprised. and there is a lot you could learn from him.

    • Very much appreciated, thank you!

    • No problem, it will seriously help you. Its also help to understand why you are craving for opposite sex attention.
      A lot of time we look for relationship, for the wrong reason, and not the right reasons.

  • I have unintentionally sexually offended at least 25 women. Also, if I feel like that I am not good enough for a black lady (I am a lonely black man do not want to marry outside of my race.), I am not going to approach her. Although I wish that I could become a first time father (I prefer to have a boy), I, being 68 years of age, am not going to approach a lady of child bearing age because over 99% of black church ladies believe that it would be pedophilic for me to marry a lady of child bearing age. They feel that I should marry someone close to my age, and if the marriage is impossible to consummate, that is just too bad that I ran out of time as a life-long virgin to experience the physical intimacy that I was forced to save my virginity for. Let people know that you are seeking to get married! If you find a single “marriage material” man that you are interested in, let him know that you are interested in him and give him permission to pursue you. Beware that it is possible to unknowingly sexually harass a single “marriage material” man. Five women have found me guilty of sexually harassing them on the job, and three of them resulted in my being separated from employment. Not only I did not intentionally sexually harass any of those five women, but also I have never attempted to sexually harass any woman unless acknowledging that a lady is physically attractive is sexual harassment. If you unknowingly do what one interprets as “hostile environment” sexual harassment, you can end up in being disciplined as if was intentional. I am convinced that apparently I never have been marriage material. I ask that you pray with me that Jesus Christ pulls the miracle of helping me to become marriage material for a black lady seeking to get married. (I prefer that it would be a black lady is fit for the physical intimacy I seek. Most black church folks say that I am too old to seek such physical intimacy with a woman, and I should accept that I missed out.)

  • Well there are several reasons why they don't ask you out.
    1 is that tall people are very intimidating
    2 some guys like short women
    3 you may be to picky when it comes to looking for a guy
    4 may be your low self-esteem or lack of confidence gives out negative ora
    5 your so hot its intimidating.
    6 you don't ask them out
    I'm 5" 8 I like tall women for some reason so there is still hope for you you just gotta have confidence in yourself

  • A generic paragraph of text describing roughly 50% of the world's population isn't going to help anyone guess as to why things aren't working out for you.

  • well i wouldn't approach you, because most taller girls aren't interested in guys who are shorter than them, and i feel like id just be wasting time trying.

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