Nice one day, weird the next? There is a girl who I like, but I am getting a lot of mixed signals.

Hey everyone there is a girl who I like but I am getting a lot of mixed signals, for example she is friendly, smiling and talking one day and then the next day she just stares and says nothing? I am sure she likes me as well and my friends have told they have seen her starring at me also, so I am wondering why the daily mood changes?


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  • She waiting for you to make a move. She probably wonders if you like her or not. If so ask her out.

    • Yeah I think your on the money with your answer thanks for the help!

    • I haven't asked her out yet but the last couple of days she is not really making eye contact and not saying anything so im guessing perhaps she thinks im not interested anymore?

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  • i guess those days that she doesn't talk... might have other things on her mind... that have nothing 2 do with u basically...:-)


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  • That girl IS me but AFTER dates and sex with men.
    ie: I get bored easily + need great space/distance from men

    Serial dater right here.

    • Do you do that to feel more freedom?

    • Tbh, I do that because the men "I" date and have sex tend to SMOTHER me.
      I do that to BREATHE dude.

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