Is it possible she's developing feelings?

So I'm casually dating this chick, we have a lot of mutual friends and honestly its so far the best relationship I've been in. She's going away for a little over a month and I think she thinks we might survive aha. But so I was talking to her about maybe going away for a year this summer and I said "I dont know if I should take it, I mean all my friends are going to move on and ditch me." And she said "Dont worry I won't ditch you", there's also the fact that our mutual best friend (Funny how that worked out aha) mentioned that I better not break her heart today just randomly out of the blue. Like I said "I might be going to live my dream of traveling in Asia for a year " and her response was "That's a horrible idea , " and then a few minutes later "You better not break >insert name here< 's heart", is it possible she was told something? On the flip side i know she was debating leaving me but I have no clue why (and it could of been about leaving for the month) . I found out cause I was playing on her phone and saw that our mutual friend said "So you decide if you're staying with Chris yet?" So I wasn't snooping I try to be chill and not invade space. Again, contrary to that tidbit of information yesterday I joked and was like "No one cares about me " and then friend seriously said "Your girlfriend cares a lot more about you than you think"
Help me people! I'm trying my hardest to avoid developing feelings cause I don't want to get hurt but is it possible she could of gotten them?
People? I would really love some help with this...


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  • again!>? With this girl... just show her your GAG account and all the questions you ask about her! Also, I thought you said she was bitch? so... why do you still like her?

    • Totally different girl! The last girl was Moe (me and my friends call her ho + her last name, so creative) this new girl is sweet and kind and a psycho in the good way and my type and ugh i just can't explain what this girl does to me, this is a pick of the new chick
      The old chick was a native and she was a total fucking prep and I can't stand her

  • your suppose to have feelings when you are in a relationship.. if you don't want feelings then sit at home in a dark room, playing gta

    • Wow, that was cold, obviously we really like each other and that's a feeling, but you should have known what I meant and seriously? You have to be a troll on the first comment? Give the XP to someone helpful , and GT FUCKING A? That's a shit game

    • cool it son.. your only young.. il let you have that

    • You know, I really can't stand users who diss younger ones, we actually do help out just as much as yu people

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