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recently ran into an old guy friend who used to have a huge crush on me and we went out a couple times and had a lot of fun, he even suggested taking a couple days off for my birthday (which is a couple weeks from now) and us going out. It was 100% his idea and why would he do that if there was no interest

He told me I was pretty and that how we ended things left him with more questions than answers and it was unexpected and abrupt and he likes to not think about it. Things ended ugly between us back then and it ended with us not speaking. In person he's totally fun, especially the last time.
Over text though, he mostly replies with short answers and when I asked if he wanted to go with me to look at handguns since he has a lot and I'm a girl that lives alone and I don't know much about them, he said, "I might not be able to this week but maybe other weeks I may be able to help ya out" which seems weird, especially after how enthusiastic he seemed about us going out for my birthday. It was 100% his idea and he said that he wanted to like 3 times.
Some people said he might be avoiding me so he doesn't get hurt again and others said he's not interested.

I will add that I told him that I had a crush on him back then so I didn't know if I made him uncomfortable. He seemed surprised and said, "Did you really? Well now I feel like an *** " and then said, "When... I don't know.. Never mind" like he had something else to say.
Since he was acting weird when we texted, I texted him saying, "I'm gonna give you some space haha" I said haha to lighten it a little and he said "Haha wutevs" and seemed mad. He's never said "wutevs" to me before or spelled it like that. I told him I was leaving the ball in his court because I don't like being pushy and he said, "No you're good" When I asked him if he was interested in anyone, he said something to the effect of (can't remember exact words) that he was trying not to like anyone because he
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doesn't want to get desperate "again" Last night I asked him if he was mad or uncomfortable because if he was, I told him I'd leave him alone. I didn't want to keep talking to him if he was too nice to say no. He said, "No not at all! I am just constantly busy so it's hard to keep in touch" and then he said, "I appreciate your concern, however there is nothing you need to worry about, I promise. College is wrapping up and I am stressing over finals and what not. It is not anything you have done"
He's also shy and scared of rejection. He says he's "socially awkward"


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  • No not that shy. You already told him that you have a crush on him so, I don't see any point in being shy. I don't think he's "that" interested but he maybe need some time coz he's a bit nervous now. Take some time.


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