Would this be considered a bad date?

So this girl and I who we both knew likes each other and we text like everyday went to the movies yesterday. The movie sucked and we hugged after. It was a little awkward at times.

I thought I was pretty lame. We talked about math class for a little bit, and didn't really talk that much in the movie. I felt disappointed after, she claimed she had fun, and she texted me like right after. Literally right after.

SO I think she still likes me, but it was a little off I think. What do you think? Where should I go from here?


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  • i had the same experience a few weeks ago. I texted the guy right after because I was nervous that he thought I was totally lame and didn't enjoy the movie! we talked a bit during the movie and had a few laughs, but the goodbye was awkward. we didn't even hug! my advice is: don't worry about it. if she texted you right after she obviously likes you and was thinking about you. she's probably thinking the same thing you were and is nervous that you thought the whole thing was lame. try to reassure her that you like her by doing something that lets her know that you didn't think the experience was a bad one. that's what I would want to happen to me. :) just my 2cents.


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  • She likes you, just move things forward, don't wait for her to make the moves, I mean, you are the guy, you are suppose to take control on things.


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  • it didn't sound awful. when you said she texted you right after I thought it was a good sign. she still likes you I bet. go with it. maybe next time think of some things to say to her. and I never talk much at the movies with my friends cause im...well...watching the movie! lol so take her on another date. you did fine.